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Heterozygous missense mutations in the caveolin-3 gene (CAV3) cause different muscle disorders. Most patients with CAV3 alterations present with rippling muscle disease (RMD) characterized by signs of increased muscle irritability without muscle weakness. In some patients, CAV3 mutations underlie the progressive limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 1C(More)
Stereodynamic complexes of copper were found to undergo inversion of a helical chiral element upon oxidation or reduction. The amino acid methionine was derivatized by the attachment of two chromophores to the nitrogen atom. The resultant ligands formed stable complexes with Cu(I) and Cu(II) salts. For a derivative of a given absolute chirality, the(More)
In this study we present the results of a first principles molecular dynamics simulation of a single 1-ethyl-3-methyl-imidazolium chloride [C(2)C(1)im][Cl] ion pair dissolved in 60 water molecules. We observe a preference of the in plane chloride coordination with respect to the cation ring plane as compared to the energetic slightly more demanding on top(More)
This study determines how the magnitude and pattern of cochlear damage is altered when exposure to noise is interrupted by regularly spaced rest periods. Groups of chinchillas were exposed for six hours per session to an octave band of noise with a center frequency of 0.5 kHz. The rest interval between successive exposures varied from 18 to 162 hours. The(More)
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