Susanne Winter

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Recent work has demonstrated the accuracy and operational viability of an algorithm proposed by the authors that successfully registers 3-D ultrasound data with CT or MRI data. The successful application of this method to intraoperative navigation, however, depends critically on the quality of the acquired ultrasound data. This gives rise to two questions(More)
Kurzfassung. Kontrastmittelultraschall wird zur Diagnose von Tumoren der Leber oder Schlaganfällen eingesetzt. Die Eignung von Kontrastmittelultraschall zur Darstellung von Hirntumoren wurde ebenfalls bereits nachgewiesen. Eine Möglichkeit zur Auswertung ist die Approximation von Modellfunktionen, welche insbesondere den Hauptanstieg der(More)
For many navigated surgical procedures, the precise registration of preoperative data sets with bones of the patient is an important requisite. Conventional navigation systems use paired point registration based on anatomical landmarks or fiducial markers. This approach increases the invasiveness, since landmarks must be exposed and fiducial markers must be(More)
An algorithm for the registration of bones in three-dimensional CTand ultrasounddatasets, based on surface-volume-matching, is tested in vitro with respect to its accuracy. A pointregistration based on fiducial markers is used as a reference for the measurements. The comparison of ultrasoundund point-registration shows maximal deviations of up to 1.7 mm for(More)
We developed a fast and robust algorithm to register intraoperative three dimensional ultrasound data of the spine with preoperative CT data. We compared different gradient based and evolutionary optimization strategies for solving the registration problem. The iRprop, a fast gradient based optimization algorithm, quickly and reliably led to higher(More)
Contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) imaging of tissue perfusion is based on microbubble echo detection. CEUS can visualize tumors based on local perfusion variations. The acquired video data are qualitatively interpreted by subjective visualization in clinical practice. An automated CEUS classifier was developed for intraoperative identification of tumor(More)
Die Stimulation des N. phrenicus (NPS) erschwert die ideale Positionierung der linksventrikulären (LV)-Elektrode. Wir stellen ein klinisch etabliertes Stufenschema zur Behebung der NPS während der Implantation vor. Die Inzidenz einer NPS, Korrekturmöglichkeiten und Spätergebnisse (Median 27 Monate) wurden in einer retrospektiven Analyse von 266(More)
Medical navigation systems for orthopedic surgery are becoming more and more important with the increasing proportion of older people in the population, and hence the increasing incidence of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The central problem for such systems is the exact transformation of the preoperatively acquired datasets to the coordinate(More)