Susanne Welker

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This paper describes the team strategy of the robot soccer team of the Dortmund University. Key features are a simple but robust mechanical design, the use of omnidirectional view and motion and the implementation of Monte Carlo techniques in image understanding, sequential sensor integration and motion planning. The mechanical construction is inspired by(More)
Agitation is a behavioral emergency that can have numerous underlying causes, organic as well as psychiatric. The presence of a clinician and well-trained staff determine the quality of care, thus facilitating the dialog with the patient and, if needed, ensuring the safe application of medication and physical restraint. Outside the hospital, an emergency(More)
Drug safety and efficacy are highly variable among patients. Most patients will experience the desired drug effect, but some may suffer from adverse drug reactions or gain no benefit. Pharmacogenetic testing serves as a pre-treatment diagnostic option in situations where failure or adverse events should be avoided at all costs. One such situation is human(More)
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