Susanne Vrtala

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Profilin is a low molecular weight protein involved in the organization of the mammalian and protozoan cytoskeleton as well as in signal transduction. In this study, profilin is identified as an actin-binding protein in higher plants which is present in monocot and dicot angiosperms. Birch pollen profilin and actin can be copurified as a complex, and(More)
IgE-mediated allergy affects >25% of the population in industrialized countries. Repeated contact with the disease-eliciting allergens induces rises of allergen-specific IgE Abs and progression of the disease to more severe manifestations. Our study uses a type of vaccine that is based on genetically modified allergen derivatives to treat allergic patients.(More)
Dry and rehydrated birch pollen grains were anhydrously fixed and double immunogold-labeled for the presence of two allergens, Bet v I major allergen (17 KD) and profilin (14 KD). In dry pollen grains, both allergens are found exclusively inside the cytoplasm. In pollen grains rehydrated for 1 min, the cytoplasm is partially devoid of the two allergens,(More)
BACKGROUND House dust mites (HDM) Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus are a frequent indoor allergen source. Our aim was to determine the frequencies of IgE reactivity to purified HDM allergen molecules in mite allergic patients from different parts of Europe in order to establish an allergen panel for diagnosis of HDM allergy. MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)
IgE-mediated allergy is a hypersensitivity disease affecting more than 25% of the population. The structures of the most common allergens have been revealed through molecular cloning technology in the past two decades. On the basis of this knowledge of the sequences and three-dimensional structures of culprit allergens, investigators can now analyze the(More)
The major allergen of the house-dust mite Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, Der p 2, is recognized by approximately 90% of mite-allergic patients. We have produced two recombinant fragments of Der p 2 comprising aa 1-53 and aa 54-129 and a hybrid molecule (aa 54-129+1-53), combining the two fragments in inverse order, by genetic engineering. The recombinant(More)
BACKGROUND Almost no information is available regarding the prevalence of IgE-mediated allergies and the disease-eliciting allergens in tropical Africa. OBJECTIVE To study IgE-mediated allergies and the allergen profile in allergic patients from Zimbabwe. METHODS The frequency of sensitization to common environmental allergen sources was determined by(More)
In atopic patients, programming towards a preferential Th2 immunity leads to IgE antibody production and cellular Th2 immunity against otherwise harmless antigens. We report the development of prophylactic and therapeutic DNA vaccines for the major birch-pollen allergen, Bet v 1. We constructed three DNA vaccines, coding for the complete cDNA, coding for(More)
BACKGROUND House dust mites (HDMs) represent one of the most important inducers of respiratory allergies worldwide. OBJECTIVE We sought to investigate the IgE and IgG reactivity profiles to a comprehensive panel of HDM allergens in children with allergic asthma and to compare them with those of nonasthmatic atopic children. METHODS Sera from clinically(More)