Susanne Thorell

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Here we describe the three-dimensional crystal structures of human glucocorticoid receptor ligand-binding domain (GR-LBD) in complex with the antagonist RU-486 at 2.3 A resolution and with the agonist dexamethasone ligand together with a coactivator peptide at 2.8 A. The RU-486 structure was solved in several different crystal forms, two with helix 12(More)
The crystal structure of human transaldolase has been determined to 2.45 A resolution. The enzyme folds into an alpha/beta barrel structure and is thus similar in structure to other class I aldolases. Structure-based sequence alignment of available sequences of the transaldolase subfamily reveals that eight active site residues are invariant in the whole(More)
The roles of invariant residues at the active site of transaldolase B from Escherichia coli have been probed by site-directed mutagenesis. The mutant enzymes D17A, N35A, E96A, T156A, and S176A were purified from a talB-deficient host and analyzed with respect to their 3D structure and kinetic behavior. X-ray analysis showed that side chain replacement did(More)
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