Susanne Rosenthal

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With increasing use of two-dimensional echocardiograms (2DE) for diagnosis [1, 2], efforts to computerize the process of quantification of cardiac parameters have increased. Visual processing of echocardiograms is time and labor intensive, and usually provides qualitative results with subjective variations [3]. In contrast, computer assisted methods are(More)
Many algorithms for video stabilization have been proposed so far. However, not many digital video stabilization procedures for endoscopic videos are discussed. Endoscopic videos contain immense shakes and distortions as a result of some internal factors like body movements or secretion of body fluids as well as external factors like manual handling of(More)
Hitherto video stabilization algorithms for different types of videos have been proposed. Our work majorly focuses on developing stabilization algorithms for endoscopic videos which include distortions peculiar to endoscopy. In this paper, we deal with the optimization of the motion detection procedure which is the most important step in the development of(More)
We have developed a collaborative scheme that facilitates active human supervision of the binary segmentation of an echocardiogram. The scheme complements the reliability of a human expert with the precision of segmentation algorithms. In the developed system, an expert user compares the computer generated segmentation with the original image in a user(More)