Susanne Roosing

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Defects in primary cilium biogenesis underlie the ciliopathies, a growing group of genetic disorders. We describe a whole-genome siRNA-based reverse genetics screen for defects in biogenesis and/or maintenance of the primary cilium, obtaining a global resource. We identify 112 candidate ciliogenesis and ciliopathy genes, including 44 components of the(More)
Defective primary ciliogenesis or cilium stability forms the basis of human ciliopathies, including Joubert syndrome (JS), with defective cerebellar vermis development. We performed a high-content genome-wide small interfering RNA (siRNA) screen to identify genes regulating ciliogenesis as candidates for JS. We analyzed results with a supervised-learning(More)
BACKGROUND Ciliopathies are an extensive group of autosomal recessive or X-linked disorders with considerable genetic and clinical overlap, which collectively share multiple organ involvement and may result in lethal or viable phenotypes. In large numbers of cases the genetic defect remains yet to be determined. The aim of this study is to describe the(More)
Joubert Syndrome (JS) is an inherited ciliopathy associated with mutations in genes essential in primary cilium function. Whole exome sequencing in a multiplex consanguineous family from India revealed a KIAA0556 homozygous single base pair deletion mutation (c.4420del; p.Met1474Cysfs*11). Knockdown of the gene in zebrafish resulted in a ciliopathy(More)
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