Susanne Reinke

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The new monoclonal antibody SM5-1 has been shown to have significant advantages in immunohistochemistry of melanoma over currently used antibodies such as HMB-45 or anti-S100. In this study we compared the immunohistological staining pattern of SM5-1 with that of the more recently described antibodies A103 (anti-MART-1) and T311 (anti-Tyrosinase) in 344(More)
Antibodies such as HMB-45 and anti-S100 protein have been widely used as markers of malignant melanoma despite evidence that HMB-45 has a sensitivity of only 67-93% and S100 is nonspecific for melanoma. Using a subtractive immunization protocol in a mouse model of human melanoma, we have generated several monoclonal antibodies with putative specificity for(More)
Because of its known heterogeneity, the analysis of antigen expression is crucial prior to the initiation of antigen-specific immunotherapy for melanoma. The melanoma differentiation antigens gp100, MART-1 and tyrosinase are involved in a common pathway of melanin synthesis. Peptides derived from these melanoma differentiation antigens are used in the(More)
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