Susanne Reiner

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The concept of "functional selectivity" or "biased signaling" suggests that a ligand can have distinct efficacies with regard to different signaling pathways. We have investigated the question of whether biased signaling may be related to distinct agonist-induced conformational changes in receptors using the β(2)-adrenergic receptor (β(2)AR) and its two(More)
Interaction of G-protein-coupled receptors with beta-arrestins is an important step in receptor desensitization and in triggering "alternative" signals. By means of confocal microscopy and fluorescence resonance energy transfer, we have investigated the internalization of the human P2Y receptors 1, 2, 4, 6, 11, and 12 and their interaction with(More)
The fusion of fluorescent proteins to proteins of interest has greatly advanced fluorescence microscopy, but is often limited by their large size. Here, we report site-specific, orthogonal labeling of two cellular proteins in intact cells with two small fluorescent dyes: fluorescein arsenical hairpin binder, FlAsH, and its red analogue, ReAsH, which bind to(More)
The nucleotide receptor P2Y(1) regulates a variety of physiological processes and is involved in platelet aggregation. Using human P2Y(1)-receptors C-terminally fused with a fluorescent protein, we studied the role of potential receptor phosphorylation sites in receptor internalization and beta-arrestin-2 translocation by means of confocal microscopy. Three(More)
Homologous desensitization of beta2-adrenergic and other G-protein-coupled receptors is a two-step process. After phosphorylation of agonist-occupied receptors by G-protein-coupled receptor kinases, they bind beta-arrestins, which triggers desensitization and internalization of the receptors. Because it is not known which regions of the receptor are(More)
□S Influence of the Stereoisomeric Position of the Reactive Acetate Groups of the Benzo[b]Acronycine derivative S23906-1 on Its DNA Alkylation, Helix-Opening, Cytotoxic, and Antitumor Activities Sabine Depauw, Thomas Gaslonde, Stéphane Léonce, Laurence Kraus-Berthier, William Laine, Gaëlle Lenglet, Angèle Chiaroni, Bruno Pfeiffer, Christian Bailly, Sylvie(More)
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