Susanne Rössler

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OBJECTIVE Elective surgery represents a considerable source of stress for the patient. Many attempts have been made to prepare patients before surgery with the aim of reducing stress and improving outcome. This study used a novel approach to fulfill this aim by showing a videotape of a patient undergoing total hip replacement surgery, covering the time(More)
Long-term follow-up investigations of the effect of psychological preparation on postoperative physical outcome measures have very rarely been done. In this study a three-month follow-up of a previous investigation of videotape preparation before hip replacement surgery is reported. 100 patients who previously participated in a randomized controlled study(More)
Hypoxia-inducible transcription factors (HIFs) control cellular adaptation to low oxygen. In the kidney, activation of HIF is beneficial during injury; however, the specific contribution of HIF-1α in renal endothelial cells (EC) remains elusive. Since EC display tissue-specific heterogeneity, we investigated how HIF-1α affects key functions of glomerular EC(More)
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