Susanne Naegele-Jackson

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With the continuous increase of network capacities, video transmissions in medicine are becoming an effective tool for second opinion diagnosis, archiving and teaching environments. This study investigates video compression delay times and transmission impairments for different compression formats and describes the resulting picture qualities. For the(More)
As multimedia applications are becoming more and more widespread there is a need for video data to be transmitted over IP as well as ATM networks. While ATM with its Quality of Service features is able to provide adequate transmission guarantees for the strong time and bandwidth constraints of video data, the transfer of video over IP networks is an issue(More)
1 Preface During the online edition of video material for television over data networks a major concern is the accumulation of delay over the production chain. Before a video signal of a camera arrives at a remote studio to be edited live, it travels over video adapters and analog/digital converters to codecs which in turn compress the signal to comply with(More)