Susanne Maislinger

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20-40% of cancer patients show emotional distress. Psychosocial support should be offered to severely distressed patients. However, little is known about the selection of patients to whom such support should be offered. This study investigated oncologists' ability to identify such patients. In a consecutive series of 298 cancer patients undergoing(More)
BACKGROUND Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is often used by cancer patients. Data on characteristics of users, concomitant psychologic disturbance, and compliance with standard treatment continue to be controversial. Use of and interest in CAM and their correlation with psychologic disturbance, ways of coping with illness, and compliance with(More)
In a consecutive sample of 100 breast cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy, cancer-related distress was assessed with the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale and patients' interest in and acceptance of psychosocial support with the Questionnaire for Psychosocial Support and the European Consultation Liaison Workgroup documentation form. 31% of the(More)
OBJECTIVES The need for and the effectiveness of psychotherapy in the treatment of patients with skin cancer have been shown. However, only insufficient data are available to answer the questions as to what kind of psychotherapy is useful and how psychotherapeutic interventions should be designed. METHODS During the past 7 years we performed crisis(More)
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