Susanne Maigaard Axelsen

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INTRODUCTION Polyacrylamide hydrogel (PAHG, Bulkamid®) is a promising urethral bulking agent. This multicenter study was carried out to evaluate safety and efficacy of Bulkamid® for female stress and mixed urinary incontinence. METHODS Submucosal injection of Bulkamid® was performed in 135 women with urinary incontinence (stress, 67; mixed, 68) followed(More)
AIMS To test whether symptoms of urinary incontinence after radical hysterectomy could be objectified with urodynamics and ultrasound. METHODS This case-control study comprised 100 women who underwent radical hysterectomy for cervical cancer without post-operative radiotherapy. Fifty women reporting urinary incontinence were matched with 50 women(More)
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