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The latent period of AIDS is influenced by factors which activate human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) replication in different cell types. Although monocytic cells may provide a reservoir for virus production in vivo, their regulation of HIV transcription has not been defined. We now report that HIV gene expression in the monocyte lineage is regulated by(More)
Many pitching injuries occur during deceleration of the upper extremity when the muscles of the shoulder and arm are acting eccentrically. Published information regarding eccentric muscular strength in baseball pitchers is nonexistent. The purpose of this study was to assess bilateral isokinetic eccentric and concentric muscular strength of the shoulder's(More)
INTRODUCTION Breast cancer subtyping and prognosis have been studied extensively by gene expression profiling, resulting in disparate signatures with little overlap in their constituent genes. Although a previous study demonstrated a prognostic concordance among gene expression signatures, it was limited to only one dataset and did not fully elucidate how(More)
Single injections of recombinant cytokines/chemokines into tissue have provided insights into their possible roles during the inflammatory response. Adenoviral technology may allow us to mimic the in vivo situation more closely, with protein generated in a continuous but transient fashion. Replication-deficient human type 5 adenovirus containing a rat(More)
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