Susanne Kraske

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Cell-attached patch-clamp experiments were performed on dissociated neurons from nodose ganglia of adult rats. Putative aortic baroreceptor neurons were identified by labeling nerve endings in the adventitia of the aortic arch with the carbocyanine dye DiI. Whereas previous experiments demonstrated the presence of mechanosensitive (MS) whole cell currents,(More)
PURPOSE For cutaneous fixation of the continent catheterizable vesicostomy we present a new technique, in which the umbilicus is rotated caudally by 180° and the catheterizable channel is sutured to the umbilical cone. This procedure reduces the distance between the stoma entrance and the bladder. MATERIALS AND METHODS Between 2001 and 2008, 67 patients(More)
Patch clamp techniques were used to record whole cell and single channel Na+ currents from NB41A3 neuroblastoma cells grown in culture. Cells were grown for two weeks in control medium or medium supplemented with 30 mm d-glucose of 30 mm l-fucose. Cells exposed to glucose or l-fucose had smaller whole cell Na+ currents than cells grown in unsupplemented(More)
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