Susanne Helland

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ADDITIONAL INDEX WORDS. Zygophiala jamaicensis, fungal disease, disease management SUMMARY. The effectiveness of a disease-warning system and effi cacy of reduced-risk fungicides for management of sooty blotch (Peltaster fructicola, Leptodontium elatius, Geastrumia polystigmatis) and fl yspeck (Schizothyrium pomi) (SBFS) of apple (Malus ×domestica) were(More)
Conventionally, ICAs comprise of a high volume fraction of solid silver flakes as a conductive filler in an adhesive matrix, however this paper will focus on newly developed ICAs containing a large volume fraction of metal-coated polymer spheres (MPS) as conductive filler. In our previous studies we have demonstrated the feasibility and benefits of using(More)
A novel and low silver content isotropic conductive adhesive (ICA) has been developed and characterised. The conductive particles are based on a silver coated polymer sphere. The thermal properties of the ICAs have been investigated by two different characterisation techniques based on a steady state method and a contactless transient method. Results show(More)
Electrical and thermal contact mechanisms in isotropic conductive adhesive (ICA) based on silver coated polymer particles has been investigated. The adhesive conductivities similar of that of traditional silver filled adhesives at less than 10 % of the silver consumption. The high conductivity has been explained by the development of fused metal-metal(More)
The aim of this study is to investigate the applicability of using an epoxy based isotropic conductive adhesive (ICA), to mount a silicon 3D system-on chip (SoC) in a ceramic 16 pad leadless chip carrier (LCC). We present and discuss thermo-mechanical FEA simulation results obtained by implementing the viscoelastic properties of the adhesive. A generalized(More)
Replacing the silver flakes in conventional isotropic conductive adhesives (ICAs) with micron sized polymer spheres coated with tens to hundreds nanometer of silver (AgPS) drastically reduces the silver content required to obtain good electrical and thermal conductivity. In addition to cost-benefits, this reduction in amount of precious metal can improve(More)
In this study, we explore the thermo-mechanical stress distribution of a chip/substrate BGA interconnect based on metal coated polymer spheres (MPS) of 30 μm diameter. The bonding of the chip to a glass substrate with MPS is obtained by deposition and sintering of a silver nanoparticle suspension that forms a menisci needed for necking and metallic(More)
  • Jakob Gakkestad, Tomas Sollund, +6 authors Christian Johnsen
  • IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and…
  • 2017
A very compact and rugged 2.5-D integrated data logger has been built and tested. The data logger is capable of measuring accelerations exceeding 70 000 g. Microcontroller and flash memory as bare dies have been mounted onto a silicon interposer with through silicon vias using anisotropic conductive film and Au stud bump bonding. A microelectromechanical(More)
I wish to thank Ørnulf Nordseth for outstanding guidance and experimental training throughout the process. Erik Stensrud Marstein is acknowledged for inspiration, technical discussions and feedback. Additionally, I am grateful for the help of Eduard Monakhov (IFE) with the conductance method and the help from Martin Kirkengen (REC) through useful(More)
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