Susanne Hafner

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The current study aimed to investigate the protective effect of the cardenolide glycoside acovenoside A (AcoA) against doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity in mice. AcoA was isolated from the pericarps of Acokanthera oppositifolia to chemical homogeneity and characterized by means of one- and two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. AcoA(More)
BACKGROUND Colonoscopy is a widely used diagnostic and therapeutic modality. A large proportion of the population is likely to undergo colonoscopy for diagnosis and treatment of colorectal diseases, or when participating in colorectal cancer screening programs. To reduce pain, water infusion instead of traditional air insufflation during the insertion phase(More)
Cell fate decisions and pluripotency, but also malignancy depend on networks of key transcriptional regulators. The T-box transcription factor TBX3 has been implicated in the regulation of embryonic stem cell self-renewal and cardiogenesis. We have recently discovered that forced TBX3 expression in embryonic stem cells promotes mesendoderm specification(More)
Background | Differences (polymorphisms) in genes encoding drug targets, drug transport proteins, or drug metabolizing enzymes may be responsible, among other factors, for the observed variation in patients' responses to medications. The field of pharmacogenetics aims to identify patients at higher genetically-determined risk of adverse effects or poor(More)
Purpose: Myxoid liposarcoma is an aggressive disease with particular propensity to develop hematogenic metastases. Over 90% of myxoid liposarcoma are characterized by a reciprocal t(12;16)(q13;p11) translocation. The resulting chimeric FUS-DDIT3 fusion protein plays a crucial role in myxoid liposarcoma pathogenesis; however, its specific impact on oncogenic(More)
We investigated the cytotoxic potential of the cardenolide glycoside acovenoside A against non-small-cell lung cancer cells. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related mortality and the second most common cancer diagnosed. Epidemiological studies revealed a direct correlation between the regular administration of cardiac glycosides and a lower(More)
Non-invasive assessment of the biodistribution is of great importance during the development of new pharmaceutical compounds. In this contribution, the applicability of in ovo MRI for monitoring the biodistribution of MR contrast agent-labelled compounds was investigated in mamaria carcinomas xentotransplanted on the chorioallantoic membrane (CAM)(More)
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