Susanne Gibbons

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Clinical education is critically important because competency in practice ultimately will determine the future of advanced practice nursing. Skills taught in Health Assessment, the first in a series of clinical courses, exposed students to tools that form the basis on which other competencies are built. The availability of standardized patients, people who(More)
BACKGROUND   While there has been a growing body of literature on the impact of combat stressors and post-traumatic stress on military service members involved in current conflicts, there has been little available information that directly examines the impact of these on healthcare providers. AIMS Aims for this integrative review included: (1) identifying(More)
PURPOSE To propose a new NANDA diagnosis, self-neglect. DATA SOURCES Research studies and literature published from a variety of disciplines including nursing as well as primary research. DATA SYNTHESES This diagnosis can be used to describe a constellation of self-care problems of varying severity and impact on the health and well-being of people who(More)
Early case recognition and intervention by nurses for patients with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) can significantly improve outcomes for civilian and military patients. The "Concussion/mTBI Learning Needs Assessment for Registered Nurses Survey" was developed to evaluate bedside nurses' knowledge related to the assessment and care of patients with mTBI(More)
PTHrP(7-34)NH2 and [D-Trp12]PTHrP(7-34)NH2 have previously been shown to be shown to be more potent antagonists than the corresponding PTH peptide, [Tyr34]bPTH(7-34)NH2. However, these peptides also display partial agonism for adenylate cyclase activity in ROS 17/2.8 cells. In this study, design of a pure potent antagonist of PTH and PTHrP by removal of(More)
Position 18 in a parathyroid hormone (PTH) antagonist, [Nle8,18,Tyr34]bPTH(7-34)NH2 (ii), was shown to tolerate substitutions by a range of amino acids with retention of inhibitory activity. The effects of hydrophobic substitutions at this position as a means of enhancing binding interactions with the receptor were evaluated. Substitution of Nle at position(More)
The psychological impact of military experience on healthcare providers has received little attention to date. The 2005 Department of Defense Survey of Health Related Behaviors Among Active Duty Personnel was used as a secondary data source, and deployed healthcare officers and healthcare specialists were identified and compared to deployed non-healthcare(More)
The synthesis, purification, and characterization of biotinylated analogues of parathyroid hormone (PTH) and PTH-related protein (PTHrP) are described. A novel methodology was developed which allowed the selective biotinylation during solid-phase synthesis of either the Lys13 or Lys26 residue in PTH/PTHrP sequences. Incorporation of orthogonally protected N(More)
BACKGROUND Despite their growing numbers in the United States military, little has been published on healthcare providers (HCP) or female service members from conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. The purpose of this secondary analysis of data from the 2005 Department of Defense (DoD) Survey of Health Related Behaviors Among Active Duty Military Personnel was(More)