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In a regression study of conversational speech, we show that frequency, contextual predictability and repetition have separate contributions to word duration, despite their substantial correlations. Moreover, content-and function-word durations are affected differently by their frequency and predictability. Content words are shorter when more frequent, and(More)
This paper presents a method for extracting sub.cor.pora documenting different subcate-gorlzatlon frames for verbs, nouns, and adjectives in the 100 mio. word British National Corpus. The extraction tool consists of a set of batch files for use with the Corpus Query Processor (CQP), which is part of the IMS corpus workbench (cf. Christ 1994a,b). A(More)
We explore the differences in verb subcategorization frequencies across several corpora in an effort to obtain stable cross corpus subcategorization probabilities for use in norming psychological experiments. For the 64 single sense verbs we looked at, subcategorization preferences were remarkably stable between British and American corpora, and between(More)
This study investigates three factors that have been argued to define "canonical form" in sentence comprehension: Syntactic structure, semantic role, and frequency of usage. We first examine the claim that sentences containing unaccusative verbs present difficulties analogous to those of passive sentences. Using a plausibility judgment task, we show that a(More)
Understanding Arab public opinion is central to the search for sustainable political solutions in the Middle East. The way Westerners think about Arab public opinion may be affected by how it is referred to in their news media. Here, we show that Arab public opinion is rarely referred to as such in the US media. Instead, it is usually referred to as the(More)
  • Grishman, Macleod, Mey, Lise Menn, D J We, Susan Garnsey +9 others
  • 2004
The frequency of linguistic structures, such as pho-nemes or words, has long been known to affect language processing. Increasingly, research in sentence processing has focused on the frequencies of more complex linguistic structures. By far the most frequently studied example of these are verb subcategorization frequencies or verb biases (e. For example,(More)
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