Susanne Dietze

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The favourable mechanical properties and high biocompatibility of the newly developed mixed ceramics composed of zirconium oxide and aluminium oxide have continuously extended the scope of their application. Rotating instruments on a zirconium oxide basis are regarded as superior to metal burs in dentoalveolar surgery in terms of favourable temperature(More)
The temporary nature of orthodontic implants demands optimisation of size and design in order to minimise damage and risk to the patient. Slender and shorter miniscrews offer the advantage over conventional implants of easier and more ubiquitous positioning with minimised risk of injury to neighbouring anatomical structures such as tooth roots, nerves or(More)
Claudicatio intermittens ist eine Erkrankung, bei der eine Diskrepanz zwischen den objektiven Befunden und den individuellen Problemen des Patienten auftreten kann: welche Bedeutung hat z.B. eine schmerzfreie Gehstrecke von 100 m für ihn, oder ist z.B. eine Verbesserung der Gehstrecke von 50% nach Therapie tatsächlich bedeutsam für sein Wohlbefinden. Daher(More)
Premature loss of dental implants is due, apart from mechanical factors, to germrelated inflammation. Gaps and hollow spaces within the implant system, for example the gap between implant and abutment in the two-part implant system, may provide a bacterial reservoir causing or maintaining inflammation. The bacterial spectrum involved is similar to that(More)
The ultrastructure, fundamental chemistry, and processing modes of fully synthetic bone grafting materials are relevant to the reconstruction of osseous defects. Rapid progress in the profitable market of biomaterials has led to the development of various bone substitutes. Despite all these efforts, an ideal and full substitute of autologous bone is not yet(More)
Tooth loss, which interrupts the biocybernetic feedback circuit of the masticatory system, changes the structures of the jaw bone: such changes are termed "inactivity atrophy". The mandible is subject to vertical atrophy and the maxilla is primarily subject to horizontal atrophy. The mandible possesses more compact bone, the maxilla more spongy; the(More)
It is of fundamental importance for prosthodontic and orthodontic applications that there is a short osseointegration time of dental implants without inflammation of the surrounding tissue. In addition to the chemical properties of the implant material, the surface morphology is an equally critical parameter. The objective of this work was to study the(More)
Numerous ritual acts involving the skull result in orofacial changes. The present study focuses on ritual acts of Brazilian Zoé Indians. A distinct deformation effect of the ritual act (wearing a lip-plug) on the morphology of the orofacial system is demonstrated and documented using jaw models. The studies show that the lip-plug significantly influences(More)
Implant site preparation is crucially important to long-term success. Heat generation during drilling is unfavourable, since bone is relatively susceptible to heat, depending on its vascularisation and microstructure. Numerous factors such as drilling pressure, number of revolutions, drill design, wear and material, drilling depth and cooling influence heat(More)
In diesem Artikel berichten wir über die Entwicklung und Validierung eines krankheitsspezifischen Fragebogens zur Erhebung der Lebensqualität bei Patienten mit chronischer venöser Insuffizienz, der Venenskala. Sie enthält 104 Items, die sich acht Subskalen zuordnen lassen. Das Instrument wurde in einer mono zentrischen Querschnittserhebung an 100 gesunden(More)
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