Susanne D. Paschka

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INTRODUCTION For the prevention of contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN) after coronary angiography, hydration by 0.9% sodium chloride solution and N-acetylcysteine is currently recommended. However, it is unclear whether volume supplementation with sodium bicarbonate is better than with sodium chloride when used in conjunction with nonionic, low-osmolar(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment of patients with multimorbidity is challenging. A rational reduction of long-term drugs can lead to decreased mortality, less acute hospital treatment, and a reduction of costs. Simplification of drug treatment schemes is also related to higher levels of patient satisfaction and adherence. The POLITE-RCT trial will test the(More)
BACKGROUND Despite numerous evidences for the positive effect of community pharmacists on health care, interprofessional collaboration of pharmacists and general practitioners is very often limited. Though highly trained, pharmacists remain an underutilised resource in primary health care in most western countries. This qualitative study aims at(More)
Inlays made of glass ceramics Bioverit II were proved just after inserting with a composite, and after 6 month's and one year. No marginal clefts were observed at clinical controls. The scanning study demonstrated excellent compound enamel-composite-glass ceramics just after inserting. A 15 to 20 microns deep furrow within the composite at most of the(More)
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