Susanne Clausmeyer

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Characterization of the local renin-angiotensin system in the rat adrenal zona glomerulosa indicated a dual targeting of renin both to the secretory pathway and mitochondria. To investigate the transport of renin into mitochondria, we constructed a series of amino-terminal deletion variants of preprorenin. One of these variants, lacking the complete signal(More)
An alternative transcript of the rat renin gene was recently characterized in the adrenal gland, in addition to the known messenger RNA (mRNA) coding for preprorenin. In the alternative transcript, exon 1 is replaced by exon 1A, a domain originating in intron 1. The reading frame of this mRNA, termed exon 1A-renin transcript, codes for a truncated prorenin(More)
Plastocyanin and the 16-, 23-, and 33-kDa polypeptides of the oxygen-evolving complex associated with photosystem II are hydrophilic, nuclear encoded components of the photosynthetic machinery that are all located in the lumen of thylakoid membranes. All four proteins are therefore imported into chloroplasts and, in addition, translocated across the(More)
X-Linked hypophosphatemic rickets (HYP, XLH) is a disorder of phosphate homeostasis, characterized by renal phosphate wasting and hypophosphatemia, with normal to low 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D3 serum levels. The purpose of our study was the detection of inactivating mutations in the PHEX gene, the key enzyme in the pathogenesis of XLH. The 16 patients,(More)
The endometrium contains a distinct population of immune cells that undergo cyclic changes during the menstrual cycle and implantation. The majority of these leucocytes are uterine NK (uNK) cells, however how these cells interact with uterine stromal fibroblasts remains unclear. We therefore investigated the paracrine effect of medium conditioned by uterine(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the expression of syndecan-1, -2, -3, and -4 in different phases of eutopic endometrium of normal cycling women. DESIGN Prospective observational study. SETTING University-based research center for reproductive medicine. PATIENT(S) Twenty-nine healthy ovulatory volunteers. INTERVENTION(S) mRNA and protein expression of(More)
Intracardiac renin is considered to be involved in the pathogenesis of cardiac hypertrophy, fibrosis, and myocardial infarction. Cardiac renin is predominantly derived from the circulation, because preprorenin is not expressed locally and uptake of renin has been demonstrated. One mechanism of internalization recently described involves the(More)
Using the expression vector λgt11 and immunochemical detection, six cDNA clones that encode the entire precursor polypeptides for spinach thioredoxin m were isolated and characterized. The ca. 1.0 kb cDNA sequence of the largest clone hybridizes to an RNA species of 1.1 kb. In each instance the cDNA sequences display single open reading frames encoding(More)
Renin is commonly known as a secretory glycoprotein, which is expressed, stored and released in a regulated manner by the kidney. Besides this, a number of extrarenal tissues, such as adrenal gland and heart express or internalise renin. In the heart a local RAS may exert prohypertrophic, proliferative, antiproliferative or apoptotic properties. The local(More)
Steroid acute regulatory protein (StAR) plays an essential role in steroidogenesis because it is responsible for the transfer of cholesterol from cellular stores to the inner mitochondrial membrane. We investigated the distribution and regulation of StAR expression in association with aldosterone production in the rat adrenal gland in vivo. Using(More)