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1. CI-977 is a new, nonpeptide kappa-opioid compound that has been synthesized and its pharmacological properties determined in a series of in vitro and in vivo rodent models. 2. In a radioligand binding studies, with guinea-pig forebrain homogenates, CI-977 bound with high affinity to [3H]-U69593-labelled kappa-sites (Ki = 0.11 nM) but with low affinity to(More)
1. We investigated the effects of the non-peptide NK1 receptor antagonist, CP-96,345, its inactive enantiomer CP-96,344, and the racemic mixture (+/-)-CP-96,345, on the binding of [3H]-nimodipine and [3H]-diltiazem to L-type calcium channels in rat cerebral cortex membranes. In isolated peripheral tissues containing tachykinin receptors, the effects of(More)
Kappa- and mu-opioid binding site affinities of the kappa-selective ligand U62066 and its optical isomers, (+)-U63639 and (-)-U63640 were compared with those of the structurally related ligand PD117302 and its respective isomers, (+)-PD123497 and (-)-PD123475. The relative efficacies of each compound were also established using the guinea-pig ileum, rat and(More)
The rational discovery of a high affinity NK2 receptor antagonist is described utilizing a general strategy for peptoid design. The contribution to NK2 receptor binding affinity for each amino acid of the hexapeptide 'minimum fragment': Leu-Met-Gln-Trp-Phe-GlyNH2 (8c), was examined by preparing derivatives where each amino acid in turn was replaced with Ala(More)
The rational design of a non-peptide tachykinin NK1 receptor antagonist, [(2-benzofuran)-CH2OCO]-(R)-alpha-MeTrp-(S)-NHCH(CH3)P h (28, PD 154075) is described. Compound 28 has a Ki = 9 and 0.35 nM for the NK1 receptor binding site in guinea-pig cerebral cortex membranes and human IM9, cells respectively (using [125I] Bolton-Hunter-SP as the radioligand). It(More)
1. The cholecystokinin receptors mediating motor responses in a novel smooth muscle preparation from the corpus region of the guinea-pig stomach have been characterized by use of five agonist peptides and the antagonists CI-988, L-365,260 and devazepide. 2. Mucosa-denuded strips of circular muscle were contracted in a concentration-dependent manner by the(More)
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