Susanne Behling

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PRODORIC is a database that provides annotated information on the regulation of gene expression in prokaryotes. It integrates a large compilation of gene regulatory data including transcription factor binding sites, promoter structures and gene expression patterns. The whole dataset is manually curated and relies on published results extracted from the(More)
BACKGROUND The therapeutic resistance of gliomas is, at least in part, due to stemlike glioma cells (SLGCs), which self-renew, generate the bulk of tumor cells, and sustain tumor growth. SLGCs from glioblastomas (GB) have been studied in cell cultures or mouse models, whereas little is known about SLGCs from lower grade gliomas. OBJECTIVE To compare cell(More)
Overview: In driving hES cell technology towards widespread applications considerable effort has been focused on the improvement of culture conditions and on enabling efficient differentiation. We have established two technologies which will better enable researchers to achieve these aims. The use of feeder based protocols for the creation, expansion and(More)
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