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Many existing teamwork coordination approaches recognise team intention by using communications, and/or by identifying plan execution through observing agent actions. However, problems may arise when such information is unavailable, or when agents are not observable at runtime. This paper presents a new agent coordination strategy, called Rolegraphs, that(More)
We present an approach to modelling the collaborative mission planning process, called Agent Assisted Mission Planning (AAMP), for use in distributed multiagent decision support systems. The AAMP approach is based on the use of adaptive agent teamwork structures to understand user activities and requirements. Military personnel engaged in mission planning(More)
The seasonal febrile diseases had been studied before Qing dynasty, but it was accomplished in Qing dynasty because of high incidence of the epidemics in those days. I studied and analyzed epidemics in Zai Yi Zhi of Qing Shi Gao on the reasons and patterns as yearly, regional, and seasonal parameters. Based on these analyses, I want to report how the(More)
A number of selected papers presented at WINSYS 2010 will be published by Springer-Verlag in a CCIS Series book. This selection will be done by the Conference Co-chairs and Program Co-chairs, among the papers actually presented at the conference, based on a rigorous review by the ICETE 2010 Program Committee members.
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