Susannah Kirby

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The driving forces behind variation in the dative construction have stood as a puzzle both from the point of view of child language acquisition and in the theoretical syntactic literature addressing adult production. One line of thought attributes these choices to lexical meaning differences among dative verbs ((Gropen et al., 1989) for children; (Green,(More)
This is the first part of a two-part article that reviews a number of the current debates regarding raising and control constructions. The issues addressed in this part include the syntactic attributes governing their distribution; the characterization of the relevant silent elements; the empirical properties which may distinguish/unify the two classes of(More)
ii 2005 Susannah Kirby ALL RIGHTS RESERVED iii ABSTRACT SUSANNAH KIRBY: Semantics or Subcases? The Acquisition of Referential vs. Expletive It (Under the direction of Misha Becker) This study was conducted to determine the natural order of acquisition among deictic pronoun it, anaphoric pronoun it, and expletive it. Files from 4 children (Adam, Eve, Nina,(More)
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