Susannah B Cornes

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BACKGROUND A 70-year-old immunocompetent male presented to a memory disorders clinic with a 7-month illness that had begun with somatic complaints including transient right temporal head pain, left buttock pain, and right conjunctival injection. About 3 months after the first signs of illness, the patient had begun to develop insidious cognitive and(More)
The risk profile of extraoperative electrocorticography (ECoG) is documented almost exclusively by case series from a limited number of academic medical centers. These studies tend to underreport minor complications, like urinary tract infections (UTIs) and deep venous thromboses (DVTs), that nevertheless affect hospital cost, length of stay, and the(More)
Temporal lobe encephaloceles (TEs) are increasingly identified in patients with epilepsy due to advances in neuroimaging. Select patients become seizure-free with lesionectomy. In practice, however, many of these patients will undergo standard anterior temporal lobectomy. Herein we report on the first series of patients with refractory temporal lobe(More)
Seizure-like behavior is an uncommon yet worrisome phenomenon during anesthesia with propofol. The current case report describes a 23-year-old man admitted for elective surgery who experienced several seizure-like episodes after induction with propofol and during a desflurane-based general anesthetic that were so severe it was not possible to complete the(More)
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