Susanna Zaccarin

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The scientific community organises its relationships into network patterns, where the nodes are individuals (scientists) and the links are acquaintance and common work, usually presented at workshops and conferences and/or published in books and scientific journals. A references review on Population Studies by Italian scientists is delivered every two years(More)
The aim of the present contribution is to merge bibliographic data for members of a bounded scientific community in order to derive a complete unified archive, with top-international and nationally oriented production, as a new basis to carry out network analysis on a unified co-authorship network. A two-step procedure is used to deal with the(More)
"Status of women is generally recognised as a key variable in the analysis of demographic and social behaviour. Women's status is a multidimensional concept that arises from the complex interactions of different factors. In this paper, the links between women's individual characteristics and roles that women played are analysed by the means of a sequence of(More)
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