Susanna Rosin

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Plant stanol ester is a natural compound which is used as a cholesterol-lowering ingredient in functional foods and food supplements. The safety and efficacy of plant stanol ester have been confirmed in more than 70 published clinical studies and the ingredient is a well-established and widely recommended dietary measure to reduce serum cholesterol. Daily(More)
The formal genetics of 37 patients suffering from Refsum's disease is reviewed. The absence of the disease in parents and relatives excepts sibs of the propositi, the high parental consanguinity rate, and the observed number of affected sibs are in agreement with the assumption of an inheritance by a rare autosomal recessive gene. The geographical(More)
Es wird eine Methode zur Bestimmung der Gal-1-P-Uridyltransferase im Capillarblut (Vollblut) und Erythrocytenhämolysat beschrieben. Die Bestimmung erfolgt im gekoppelten optischen Test mit Phosphoglucomutase und G-6-P-Dchydrogenase als Hilfsenzyme. Neugeborene zeigen im Capillarblut Werte von 0,577±0,160 µM/min/g Hb; die Altersgruppen von 1–60 Jahre(More)