Susanna R Berger

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Seven Haitian and one white patient with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and Salmonella typhimurium bacteremia were identified over a 28-month period. In three patients bacteremia developed concurrently with an opportunistic infection associated with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. The remaining five patients had their initial episodes of(More)
Pressure sores remain a pervasive and recurrent problem in the chronically bedridden and immobilized insensate patient populations, such as those with spinal cord injury. Various musculocutaneous flaps based on muscles of the buttock and thigh are routinely used to close primary, uncomplicated ulcers. The gluteus maximus, tensor fascia lata, and posterior(More)
Labels and medications with similar appearances have the potential to harm patients and cause delays in hospital services. We report a problem involving the Maxtec MAX-1 and MAX-11 oxygen sensors which are commonly used on anesthesia machines. These oxygen sensors have nearly identical labels which resulted in inadvertent interchanging of the sensors. The(More)
Open injuries of the brachial plexus are rare. One such case, that of a 68-year-old impaled on a fence spike, is presented here. Certain principles to guide evaluation and treatment are discussed. Concomitant injury to the pleura or to vascular structures requires immediate attention; the extent and type of plexus damage may be determined from physical(More)
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