Susanna Phillips

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The synethesis of a new retinoid, N-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-all-trans-retinamide, which has useful biological properties, is described. This retinoid was more potent than retinyl acetate in reversing keratinization caused by retinoid deficiency in tracheal organ culture. It was markedly less toxic than retinyl acetate when fed p.o. to rats over 2-week or 6-month(More)
Two multiple-choice questions were designed to assess pediatric knowledge of two statistical concepts: (1) correlation and (2) probability values for statistical significance. One question was administered to 684 residents from 24 major pediatric training programs; this response rate represented 84% of all residents in these programs (PL-1, PL-2, and PL-3(More)
Human natural killer (NK) cells play an important role in anti-viral immunity. However, studying their activation kinetics during infection is highly problematic. A clinical trial of a therapeutic virus provided an opportunity to study human NK cell activation in vivo in a controlled manner. Ten colorectal cancer patients with liver metastases received(More)
The goal of surveillance is to identify patterns of disease occurrence, detect disease outbreaks, develop clues about possible risk factors, find persons that need further investigation, and anticipate health service needs. Two sources of data are available for the purposes of surveillance: primary data, such as those arising from health surveys or local(More)
1 The overall mortality rate is 47.8 per 100 000 population. In people aged 65–69 years, the rate is 73.4 per 100 000 population. The rate gradually increases to 2003 per 100 000 population for those aged 90 years and over. High life expectancy and an aging population will substantially increase the number of people afflicted with stroke in the coming(More)
Neuromuscular disorders like myotonic dystrophy (dystrophia myotonica or Steinert's disease) and spinal muscular atrophy are associated with perioperative complications related to muscle weakness. These patients have an increased sensitivity to non-depolarising neuromuscular blocking agents, which can lead to postoperative residual curarization (PORC) and(More)
This survey of anaesthetists in Australia and New Zealand aimed to investigate their attitudes and practice relating to the management of neuromuscular blockade monitoring. All medical practitioner members (3188) of the Australian and New Zealand Societies of Anaesthetists were invited to complete an anonymous survey, which was available online for two(More)
This report is published by Natural England under the Open Government Licence for public sector information. You are encouraged to use, and re-use, information subject to certain conditions. For details of the licence visit If any information such as maps or data cannot be used commercially this will be made clear within(More)
In this study, two commercially available quantitative neuromuscular function monitoring techniques, electromyography (EMG) and kinemyography (KMG), were compared with respect to repeatability and accuracy during late recovery from neuromuscular blockade. Train-of-four (TOF) ratios were recorded in 30 patients using KMG and EMG at the adductor pollicis(More)
During laparoscopic repair of massive hiatus hernia, surgical dissection can breach the parietal pleura allowing insufflating carbon dioxide to rapidly expand the pleural space, causing a tension pneumothorax. This extrapulmonary pneumothorax involves no damage to the lung parenchyma. Its rapid resolution is aided by the high solubility of carbon dioxide(More)