Susanna Pantsar-Syväniemi

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Normally, software development practices concentrate to take all security requirements into account at design-time. Nevertheless, today's software products are intended to be used in mobile, or alternatively, in embedded devices whose environment changes during the application's execution. These kinds of changes occur especially in applications used in(More)
A still open issue in pervasive systems is how to effectively support the development and run-time execution of smart applications in wide-scale and open deployment scenarios. That calls for i) easy and low-cost interoperability with legacy systems/services and ii) scalability in terms of both overhead and performance results for different classes of(More)
The "smartness" of applications is heavily based on their ability to use context information for behaving in a way that perfectly matches the situation in which the application is being used and running. However, achieving situation-based behavior is not straightforward, the situation has to be identified, the functionality that provides the best fit (not(More)