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Sleep disturbance and excessive daytime sleepiness have been reported in patients with hepatic cirrhosis. The objective of this study was to evaluate daytime somnolence and sleep complaints in a group of 178 patients with cirrhosis compared to a control group. Sleep features and excessive daytime sleepiness were evaluated by the Basic Nordic Sleep(More)
BACKGROUND Gastric partitioning is a surgical procedure for the treatment of morbid obesity that may engender neurological complications, such as Wernicke encephalopathy and polyneuropathy. SETTING A specialist hospital. PATIENT A 36-year-old woman developed Wernicke-Korsakoff encephalopathy and polyneuropathy 3 months after gastroplasty for morbid(More)
The role of weight loss in the therapy of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) was investigated in 23 affected patients with various degrees of obesity (body mass index range 26.6-61.0) free of cranio-facial malformations. Weight loss resulted 18.5 +/- 14.7 (s.d.) kg and was significantly correlated with baseline BMI value (r = 0.94; P less than 0.0001).(More)
Importance Drug-induced sleep endoscopy is a diagnostic technique that allows dynamic evaluation of the upper airway during artificial sleep. The lack of a standardized procedure and the difficulties associated with direct visual detection of obstructive events result in poor intraobserver and interobserver reliability, especially when otolaryngology(More)
Driving Simulators reproduce situations that require tracking and visual searching, the main features of real driving. This study measured the reliability of a monotonous driving scenario to detect the circadian variations of alertness in healthy subjects. Five men and five women underwent a monotonous 30 min driving simulation task every 2 h. Before each(More)
Respiratory failure has been described in myotonic dystrophy; it worsens during sleep but its central or peripheral origin has yet to be determined. Moreover, patients may present severely disturbed sleep and daytime somnolence. Eight patients with mild to moderate myotonic dystrophy were studied to assess breathing function while awake and during sleep by(More)
A case of Ondine's curse associated with hypothalamic dysfunction in an 8-year-old boy is described. The neuropathological examination revealed a viral encephalitis affecting the hypothalamus and the brainstem. In the medulla the inflammatory process involved the reticular formation and the nuclei considered to control automatic respiration such as the(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES Sleep-related complaints are common in adolescents, but their impact on the rate of motor vehicle crashes accidents is poorly known. We studied subjective sleep quality, driving habits, and self-reported car crashes in high-school adolescents. METHODS Self-administered questionnaires (with items exploring driving habits) were distributed(More)