Susanna Migliori

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Paralytic ileus is a temporary syndrome with impairment of peristalsis and no passage of food through the intestine. Although improvements in supportive measures have been achieved, no therapy useful to specifically reduce or eliminate the motility disorder underlying postoperative ileus has been developed yet. In this paper, we draw a plausible,(More)
A method for the reconstruction of a vessel centerline from angiographic images is outlined in this work. A typical coronary artery segment with bifurcations was emulated with a 3D printed static phantom and several angiograms were acquired at various angular positions on the C-Arm. The effectiveness of the reconstruction turned out to be largely influenced(More)
The results of the CFD simulation of a tubular combustor for aero-engine applications developed by AVIO are presented. Simulations have been performed by using OpenFOAM. A Large-Eddy-Simulation approach is used to model turbulence; the compressible Smagorinsky model is used to describe Sub Grid Scale (SGS) motions and their interactions with the solved(More)
Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is an established catheter-based imaging modality for the assessment of coronary artery disease and the guidance of stent placement during percutaneous coronary intervention. Manual analysis of large OCT datasets for vessel contours or stent struts detection is time-consuming and unsuitable for real-time applications. In(More)
Significant developments in the Ignitor program concerning both physics and technology are reported. These include i) the confirmation of the validity of the path to ignition based on the high density regimes (n0 ~ 10 21 m -3 ) following relevant experiments by LHD (Japan); ii) the adoption of intermediate temperature superconducting material (MgB2) for the(More)
The clinical challenge of percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI) is highly dependent on the recognition of the coronary anatomy of each individual. The classic imaging modality used for PCI is angiography, but advanced imaging techniques that are routinely performed during PCI, like optical coherence tomography (OCT), may provide detailed knowledge of(More)
The development of innovative fueling systems in support of magnetic fusion energy, particularly the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), is described. The ITER fuelling system will use a combination of deuteriumtritium (D-T) gas puffing and pellet injection to achieve and maintain ignited plasmas. This combination will provide a(More)
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