Susanna MacMillar

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Nitrogen kinetic isotope effects for the oxidation of benzylamine and (1,1-(2)H(2))benzylamine by recombinant human monoamine oxidase B show that cleavage of the CH bond is not concerted with(More)
The secondary alpha- and beta-deuterium, the alpha-carbon, the nucleophile carbon, the nucleophile nitrogen, and the chlorine leaving group kinetic isotope effects for the S(N)2 reaction between(More)
Chlorine leaving group k(35)/k(37), nucleophile carbon k(11)/k(14), and secondary alpha-deuterium [(kH/kD)alpha] kinetic isotope effects (KIEs) have been measured for the SN2 reactions between(More)
Nucleophile (11)C/ (14)C [ k (11)/ k (14)] and secondary alpha-deuterium [( k H/ k D) alpha] kinetic isotope effects (KIEs) were measured for the S N2 reactions between tetrabutylammonium cyanide and(More)
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