Susanna Fissi

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BACKGROUND A prospective, randomized controlled clinical trial was conducted in 33 Italian surgical departments with the aim of evaluating the efficacy of octreotide in the prevention of pancreatic fistula after elective pancreatic resections. METHODS Between July 1990 and May 1992, 278 patients were enrolled in the study. Fifty-four dropped out because(More)
INTRODUCTION There is controversy regarding which type of surgical treatment is most appropriate for upper gastric cancer invading the oesophagus. METHODS A review of the pertinent literature was carried out regarding oesophageal involvement in gastric cancer. RESULTS Invasion of the oesophagus occurred in 26-63% of Western surgical series. It was more(More)
At the Istituto Nazionale Tumori of Milan, the Cavitron Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator (CUSA) was employed to perform hepatic resections in 34 patients with primary or secondary liver tumors. The use of CUSA has proved to be very efficient and safe. In lobectomies and extended lobectomies average bleeding was 685 cc with a mean resection time of 28 minutes.(More)
A total of 51 patients with large, primary, high-grade soft-tissue sarcomas of the extremities were treated at our institute with two preoperative and three postoperative cycles of doxorubicin plus ifosfamide/mesna. Preoperative doxorubicin was given intra-arterially for lesions of the lower extremities. Of 47 evaluable patients, 22 (47%) showed clinical(More)
The prognosis of patients with hepatic metastasis from breast cancer treated with systemic or regional chemotherapy is disappointing. When technically feasible, liver resection offers the best results. Eighteen patients out of 22 submitted to laparotomy underwent radical liver resection. Median follow-up from liver resection was 36 months. The median time(More)
One hundred-one patients were treated in our institution with intra-arterial preoperative adriamycin (i.a. ADR) for large soft tissue sarcomas of the extremities, 45% recurrent at entry. Of the 78 high grade evaluable patients 38% had clinical and 45% had pathological responses to chemotherapy. Limb conservative surgery was performed in 80% of cases, with(More)
BACKGROUND About 50% of recurrence after resection of hepatic metastases from colorectal cancer remain confined to the liver. Adjuvant locoregional treatments could reduce the failure rate, but these treatments have been scantily investigated. Experimental models have shown that both intra-arterial chemotherapy (IAC) and intraportal chemotherapy (IPC) in(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Hepatitis B and C involvement in hepatocellular carcinoma has been well established, but as yet not that of the human lymphocyte antigen (HLA) complex. To study viral, HLA and tumour interrelationships, 105 patients were evaluated for prevalence of viral markers and 161 patients, including 99 of the previous ones, for HLA allele frequency;(More)
A retrospective analysis to compare the single vs double stapled technique for rectal anastomosis was carried out on patients that underwent radical surgical resection between January 1986 and January 1989 at the Istituto Nazionale Tumori of Milan. In 143 patients anastomotic integrity had been checked both intraoperatively with air insufflation and(More)