Susanna Bergamaschi

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We investigated the effect of acute ethanol administration on voltage-sensitive calcium channels (VSCC) by measuring [3H]nitrendipine ([3H]NTP) binding to crude synaptosomal membrane preparations from different rat brain areas, i.e. cerebral cortex, hippocampus and striatum. Ethanol enhances the number of binding sites shortly after the administration (40(More)
Protein kinase C was studied in various brain areas in aging Wistar rats. Histone-directed kinase activity from the cortex, hippocampus and cerebellum did not change with aging. Using purified protein B-50 as a substrate, between 3 and 8 months a decrease in in vitro phosphorylation was detected in the membrane fraction of the cortex but after this age(More)
Healthy older adults and Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients are reported in the literature to be impaired in memory and executive functions. This research investigates the extent of these two abilities in determining pathological aging. Groups of young-old and old-old healthy people (Experiment 1) and individuals with amnestic mild cognitive impairment(More)
Starting from the observation of a reduced gray matter in the inferior temporal regions of Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients, the present study hypothesized an altered language-related functional activity in left occipito-temporal areas in AD, and the possibility of a plastic change of these regions induced by an intensive cognitive training. To this aim,(More)
Electrophysiological data support the existence of GTP-binding proteins interacting with voltage dependent calcium channels. Along this line the present study investigates the effect of GMP-PNP, a stable GTP analogue, on the displacement of [3H]-PN 200-110 binding by agonist and antagonist dihydropyridines in synaptic membranes prepared from rat cortex. The(More)
In the present study we tested the cognitive effects of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in a case of probable Alzheimer disease (AD). The patient (male, 60 years, mild AD) underwent two cycles of treatments, separated by 2 months. In the first cycle, active stimulation (10 sessions, 2 mA for 20 min; anode over the left dorsolateral prefrontal(More)
The effect of prolonged (72 h) ethanol (200 mM) exposure on the labeling of L-type (using tritiated PN 200-110) and N-type (using iodinated omega-conotoxin) voltage-dependent calcium channels was investigated in cultured NG 108-15 cells. In undifferentiated cells ethanol produced an 80% increase in PN 200-110 Bmax and no changes in omega-conotoxin binding.(More)
The biological activities of maitotoxin are strictly dependent on the extracellular calcium concentration and are always associated with an increase of the free cytosolic calcium level. We tested the effects of voltage-sensitive calcium channel blockers (nicardipine and omega-conotoxin) on maitotoxin-induced intracellular calcium increase, membrane(More)
The present study investigates the effect of G protein activation on dihydropyridine recognition sites in PC12 cell membranes. The addition of a stable analogue of GTP, GMP-PNP, increases the displacement of tritiated PN 200-110 produced by Bay K 8644 without modifying the one produced by nitrendipine. This effect is prevented by Pertussis toxin treatment.(More)
Data on the effect of chronic lead ingestion on brain neurochemistry in laboratory rodents show the involvement of several neurotransmitters including catecholamines. In the case of dopamine (DA), the action of lead is not uniform in all the DA-innervated areas. The reason for the regional susceptibility to the effect of lead is at present unknown, but(More)