Susanna B. Hecht

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Does the intensification of agriculture reduce cultivated areas and, in so doing, spare some lands by concentrating production on other lands? Such sparing is important for many reasons, among them the enhanced abilities of released lands to sequester carbon and provide other environmental services. Difficulties measuring the extent of spared land make it(More)
  • S Hecht
  • The Journal of general physiology
  • 2003
1. Visual purple solutions are prepared under such conditions that the bleaching reaction is irreversible. 2. A method is described for the colorimetric estimation of very small quantities of visual purple. By this means the kinetics of the bleaching reaction are investigated. 3. The results show that the course of the decomposition follows that of a(More)
This will be an interdisciplinary one-day symposium that should be of great interest to biologists, especially botanists, biomedical researchers, practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine, and public health workers. What do the forests in Venezuela and Brazil and plants from California yield as natural products that can be exploited as(More)
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