Susanna B Frigerio

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A 27-year-old patient with traumatic brain injury and neuropsychiatric symptoms fitting the obsessive-compulsive disorder was investigated. Brain CT-scan revealed left temporal and bilateral fronto-basal parenchymal contusions. Main Outcome Measure was the Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale at pre- and post-treatment and at 6 months follow-up. The(More)
We present a 63 year old man with new onset of fluctuating headache and behavioural changes showing marked inhibition and disorientation. After non invasive and invasive diagnostics an isolated cerebral vasculitis was found. Key results have been found in cerebral MRI and cerebral digital subtraction angiography with irregularities of vessel calibre of the(More)
According to the current WHO classification of haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue, recurrent genetic aberrations constitute diagnostic markers for the histomorphological diagnosis of malignancies in these tissues. In lymphoma, translocations represent such genetic aberrations. Apart from their diagnostic impact, there is increasing evidence for their(More)
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