Susann Schmidt

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The interaction of flow and thrombus generation often is a crucial question for the engineer working in the field of artificial organs. However, this interaction is only incompletely known, and quantitative data under well-defined experimental conditions are especially rare. These can be attained with the stagnation point flow chamber. This flow model(More)
In this study, the dissolution rate of SiNx coatings was investigated as a function of coating composition, in comparison to a cobalt chromium molybdenum alloy (CoCrMo) reference. SiNx coatings with N/Si ratios of 0.3, 0.8 and 1.1 were investigated. Electrochemical measurements were complemented with solution (inductively coupled plasma techniques) and(More)
Reactive high power impulse magnetron sputtering (rHiPIMS) was used to deposit silicon nitride (SiNx) coatings for biomedical applications. The SiNx growth and plasma characterization were conducted in an industrial coater, using Si targets and N2 as reactive gas. The effects of different N2-to-Ar flow ratios between 0 and 0.3, pulse frequencies, target(More)
Neutron reflectometry is a powerful tool used for studies of surfaces and interfaces. The absorption in the typical studied materials is neglected and this technique is limited only to the reflectivity measurement. For strongly absorbing nuclei, the absorption can be directly measured by using the neutron-induced fluorescence technique which exploits the(More)
Susann Schmidt, Zsolt Czigany, Jonas Wissting, Grzegorz Greczynski, Erik Janzén, Jens Jensen, Ivan Gueorguiev Ivanov and Lars Hultman, A comparative study of direct current magnetron sputtering and high power impulse magnetron sputtering processes for CNX thin film growth with different inert gases, 2016, Diamond and related materials, (64), 13-26.(More)
Silicon nitride (SiNx) coatings are promising for joint replacement applications due to their high wear resistance and biocompatibility. For such coatings, a higher nitrogen content, obtained through an increased nitrogen gas supply, has been found to be beneficial in terms of a decreased dissolution rate of the coatings. The substrate temperature has also(More)
Automotive fuel injection systems are small, yet highly dynamic components of combustion engines. A schematic of a six-hole injection nozzle including the region upstream of the injector holes as well as the injection needle is shown in Fig. 1. Recent developments in Diesel injectors tend towards increasing injection pressures, which enhances the jet(More)
Tuning the emission energy of graphene quantum dots (GQDs) and understanding the reason of tunability is essential for the GOD function in optoelectronic devices. Besides material-based challenges, the way to realize chemical doping and band gap tuning also pose a serious challenge. In this study, we tuned the emission energy of GQDs by substitutional(More)