Susanga Costa

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Glass can be considered to be a high-technology engineering material with a multifunctional potential for structural applications. However, the conventional approach to the use of glass is often based only on its properties of transparency and isolation. It is thus highly appropriate and necessary to study the mechanical behaviour of this material and to(More)
The Transport Collaboration, consisting of researchers from institutions in France, Germany, Italy and the USA, has established a program to make new measurements of nuclear interaction cross sections for heavy projectiles (Z > or = 2) in targets of liquid H2, He and heavier materials. Such cross sections directly affect calculations of galactic and solar(More)
Desiccation cracking can pose severe detrimental effects on the performance of clayey soils or generally of geomaterials in various engineering applications. Some examples of such applications include compacted clay barriers in waste containment, dam cores, canal liners, shallow foundations, buried pipelines and road pavements. Currently, there is no(More)
E896 has measured Lambda production in 11.6A GeV/c Au-Au collisions over virtually the whole rapidity phase space. The midrapidity p(t) distributions have been measured for the first time at this energy and appear to indicate that the Lambda hyperons have different freeze-out conditions than protons. A comparison with the relativistic quantum molecular(More)
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