Susana Sánchez

Carlos P. Sotomayor1
José M. Caperos1
Marco A. Soto-Arriaza1
1Carlos P. Sotomayor
1José M. Caperos
1Marco A. Soto-Arriaza
1Ana Fidalgo
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Infant carrying is common in primates and may be the second most costly activity related to reproduction, after lactation. In cooperative breeding groups of callitrichids, all group members carry and care for twin infants. Previous studies have described the costs of infant carrying in terms of body mass loss and reduced locomotor capability. However,(More)
Changes in the cholesterol (Chol) content of biological membranes are known to alter the physicochemical properties of the lipid lamella and consequently the function of membrane-associated enzymes. To characterize these changes, we used steady-state and time resolved fluorescence spectroscopy and two photon-excitation microscopy techniques. The membrane(More)
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