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Invertebrate prey activity varies along the tidal cycle and depends on sediment drainage: Consequences for the foraging behaviour of waders
The influence of prey activity on the use of intertidal flats by foraging waders is largely unknown. Due to differences in sediment drainage some flats remain covered by a layer of water during muchExpand
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Profiling changes triggered during maturation of dendritic cells: a lipidomic approach
Lipids are important in several biological processes because they act as signalling and regulating molecules, or, locally, as membrane components that modulate protein function. This paper reportsExpand
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High water roost selection by waders: maximizing feeding opportunities or avoiding predation?
During the highest spring tides the intertidal sediment flats of estuaries are fully inundated at high water, and waders have no choice but to move to supratidal roosts, e.g. on open farmland,Expand
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Impact of predation on the polychaete Hediste diversicolor in estuarine intertidal flats
In estuarine sediment flats benthic macroinvertebrates are intensively consumed by a variety of predators, such as aquatic birds and nekton (mostly fish and crustaceans). However, there is still aExpand
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Fractionation of elements by particle size of ashes ejected from Copahue Volcano, Argentina.
The volcano Copahue, Neuquén province, Argentina has shown infrequent explosive eruptions since the 18th century. Recently, eruptive activity and seismicity were registered in the periodExpand
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Trace elements content in size-classified volcanic ashes as determined by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry
Abstract At present there is an increasing concern as regards the release of potentially toxic metals into the environment. Volcanic eruptions are a natural source of metals and metalloids in theExpand
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Cesário Verde ou o poema sem assunto
Tese de doutoramento, Estudos de Literatura e de Cultura (Teoria da Literatura), Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Letras, 2010
Ciência, tecnologia e inovação em saúde na perspectiva da indução pública
Introduction: There is the existence of asymmetry in the flow of resources to finance the research activities, development and innovation in Health in Brazil. For better understanding of theseExpand
Resumo - : Este artigo e um recorte da revisao de literatura de um projeto de pesquisa de mestrado que propomos analisar atraves de um estudo de caso de pratica de Educacao Musical: o Programa deExpand