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Surgical removal of intrathoracic goiter can be performed by a cervical approach in the majority of patients. Review of literature shows that experienced surgeons need to perform an extracervical approach in 2-3% of cases. In spite of surgical management of substernal goiter is well defined, there is little available information about surgical approach of(More)
We report an exceptional case of strangulated small bowel evisceration through an intraperitoneal drainage after open cholecystectomy. It is a recognized but rare complication of surgical procedures. The drainage must be sited carefully and when necessary. If possible, drains of less than 10 mm external diameter should generally be used.
Verneuil's disease or perianal hidradenitis suppurativa is a chronic suppurative disease with a tendency to fistulization and sclerosis, developing on the subcutaneous tissue, on apocrine glands. The perianal location is the most frequent, and the elective therapy in such case is surgery. A case of perianal Verneuil's disease of great size, invalidating for(More)
Clinical pathways are care plans applicable to patient care procedures that present variations in practice and a predictable clinical course. They are designed not as a substitute for clinical judgment, but rather as a means to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the procedures. This clinical pathway is the result of a collaborative work of the(More)
Pelvic fibromatosis was found in a 26-year-old patient who was operated on for a possible uterine myoma. The histopathological diagnosis revealed an idiopathic retroperitoneal fibrosis. A second operation was performed in order to complete the exercise of the mass. Immunohistochemical techniques backed the initial diagnosis of pelvic fibromatosis.
AIM Venous microanastomoses are more difficult to carry out in comparison with the arterial ones, because of the characteristics of the vascular wall. The suture with loose stitches is the usual surgical technique, but it has 2 disadvantages: a long time of execution and the presence of foreign material in the anastomosis. To avoid these complications, we(More)