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Balance between pro-tumor and anti-tumor effects may be affected by molecular interactions within tumor microenvironment. On this basis we searched for molecular partners of ADAMTS-12, a secreted metalloprotease that shows both oncogenic and tumor-suppressive effects. Using its spacer region as a bait in a yeast two-hybrid screen, we identified fibulin-2 as(More)
The hypothalamo-posthypophysial complex of the homozygous Brattleboro rat is characterized by a hyperactivity of its neurons. The neurosecretory fibers, especially in the neurohypophysis, show numerous signs of autophagy and tubular proliferation of the axoplasmic reticulum. These structural alterations, as well as the nematosomes of nucleolus-like bodies(More)
Cytochemical methods using silver proteinate, silver methenamine an potassium ferrocyanide + OsO4 for ultrastructural detection of glycoproteins allow, in the posthypophysis and the magnocellular nuclei of the rat, differentiation of two types of fibres and neurons: one type containing negative granules with a homogenous content of low electron density, the(More)
  • F Tasso, S Rua
  • 1975
The results obtained with various methods applied to the cytochemical detection of carbohydrates at an ultrastructural level, confirm the existence of glycoproteins in neurosecretory material in the neurohypophysis as well as in the hypothalamic magnocellular nuclei. This glycoproteic component, however, is not present in all the secretory granules and,(More)
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