Susana Merino-Caviedes

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This paper proposes a methodology for the joint alignment of a sequence of images based on a groupwise registration procedure by using a new family of metrics that exploit the expected sparseness of the temporal intensity curves corresponding to the aligned points. Therefore, this methodology is able to tackle the alignment of temporal sequences of images(More)
We propose a fully 3-D methodology for the computation of myocardial nonviable tissue transmurality in contrast enhanced magnetic resonance images. The outcome is a continuous map defined within the myocardium where not only current state-of-the-art measures of transmurality can be calculated, but also information on the location of nonviable tissue is(More)
In geometric active contour algorithms, a re-initialization step must be performed by the level set function to remain close to a signed distance function, in order to avoid numerical insta-bilities. We propose a new re-initialization method that may be employed as a standalone method to recover the signed distance condition, or may be embedded directly(More)
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