Susana L. Stofella

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Monk's tonsure-like gaps develop inside gramineans and other plants. The tonsures of Spartina argentinensis originate as a result of tussock development and disturbance. As the tonsure develops the ring of tillers around it breaks down and new tussocks develop from the fragments, regenerating the grassland matrix vegetatively. The microenvironment inside(More)
This paper is a survey of the vegetation of the southeastern departments in the Province of Santa Fe (Argentina). The vegetation was analyzed following Braun-Blanquet's approach modified by Mueller-Dombois & Ellenberg (1974). The most relevant species of the region were placed in 25 groups according to their requirements or general behaviour. Most of the(More)
A survey is presented of the vegetation of the central region of the Santafesinian Chaco (Argentina), a scarcely populated flat area of 20 000 km2, with seasonal flooding. Soils have a strong halo-hydromorphic character and vegetation is basically halophilous. Trees are scarce and most communities are savannas, grasslands or swampy vegetation. Twenty-three(More)
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