Susana Gomis-Rüth

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Microtubules are polymeric protein structures and components of the cytoskeleton. Their dynamic polymerization is important for diverse cellular functions. The centrosome is the classical site of microtubule nucleation and is thought to be essential for axon growth and neuronal differentiation--processes that require microtubule assembly. We found that the(More)
Developing neurons can change axonal and dendritic fate upon axonal lesion, but it is unclear whether neurons retain such plasticity when they are synaptically interconnected. To address whether polarity is reversible in mature neurons, we cut the axon of GFP-labeled hippocampal neurons in dissociated and organotypic cultures and found that a new axon arose(More)
An understanding of the molecular mechanisms of axon regeneration after injury is key for the development of potential therapies. Single-cell axotomy of dissociated neurons enables the study of the intrinsic regenerative capacities of injured axons. This protocol describes how to perform single-cell axotomy on dissociated hippocampal neurons containing(More)
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