Susana Camarillo-Coop

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A study was performed in order to understand the development of digestive enzymes during initial ontogeny of Cichlasoma trimaculatum, for which the activity of acidic and alkaline proteases, lipases, amylases and phosphatases was determined by means of biochemical and electrophoretic analysis. Our results showed that the activity of alkaline proteases,(More)
Changes in digestive enzyme activity and histology were studied in Atractosteus tropicus embryos, larvae and juvenile periods. Alkaline protease, chymotrypsin, carboxypeptidase A, lipase and α-amylase were detected in all periods and gradually increased until reaching the maximum peak in juveniles; meanwhile, acid protease was first detected at 5 days after(More)
Tropical gar, Atractosteus tropicus, is a carnivorous fish species from Southern México with high value and acceptance in local markets. Therefore, the present study aims to spare proteins in diets for larviculture of this species. An experiment was performed using three different experimental diets with increasing carbohydrate levels based on potato starch(More)
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