Susana C. Vázquez

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Anti-dengue virus immunoglobulin M kits were evaluated. Test sensitivities were 21%-99% and specificities were 77%-98% compared with reference ELISAs. False-positive results were found for patients with malaria or past dengue infections. Three ELISAs showing strong agreement with reference ELISAs will be included in the World Health Organization Bulk(More)
The production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and the ways by which ROS are generated are very important facts related to heavy metal toxicity in plants. In this work, superoxide anion (O2 ·−) generation diminished in cadmium treated sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) leaf discs, and this reduction was time and Cd-concentration dependent. In line with these(More)
  • Federico Luis, Leloir, Su, Denise Belgorosky, Consejero De Estudios, Dra Elba +3 others
  • 2016
Rol del óxido nítrico en la progresión del cáncer de vejiga Tesis presentada para optar al título de Doctor de la Universidad de Buenos Aires en el área: QUÍMICA BIOLOGICA ABSTRACT 5 Abstract Role of nitric oxide in the progression of bladder cancer Nitric oxide (NO) is a highly reactive free radical, which may act as an intracellular messenger and(More)
We present the draft genome of Shewanella frigidimarina Ag06-30, a marine bacterium from King George Island, Antarctica, which encodes the carbapenemase SFP-1. The assembly contains 4,799,218 bp (G+C content 41.24%). This strain harbors several mobile genetic elements that provide insight into lateral gene transfer and bacterial plasticity and evolution.
OBJECTIVE Both renal denervation (RDN) and spironolactone have been proposed for the treatment of resistant hypertension. However, they have not been compared in a randomized clinical trial. We aimed to compare the efficacy of spironolactone versus RDN in patients with resistant hypertension. METHODS A total of 24 patients with office SBP at least 150(More)
  • Federico Luis, Leloir, Su, Cynthia Celeste Castronuovo, Dra Elba, Susana Vázquez
  • 2015
Análisis de las bases moleculares de la resistencia a la quimioterapia y estrategias para su optimización: rol de las proteínas ABC, la apoptosis y la transformación celular Tesis presentada para optar por el título de Doctor de la Universidad de Buenos Aires en el Área de Química Biológica hepática y en la terapéutica antiviral y anticancerosa. Abstract
Eight endophytic isolates assigned to Pseudomonas, Azospirillum, and Bacillus genera according to pheno-genotypic features were retrieved from barley seeds under selective pressure for nitrogen-fixers. Genetic relationships among related isolates were investigated through RAPD. Six isolates displayed nitrogen-fixing ability, while all could biosynthesize(More)
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